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An intelligent EV brand focusing on the outdoor ecosystem
the outdoor ecosystem
Make Life More Diversified With the outdoor ecosystem as the core, we are committed to developing and popularizing a lifestyle and culture based on new energy pickup truck. As a pioneer in China and a global trend leader, we focus on pickup truck segment and provide various experiences.
Riddara running through the forest
Explore Low-carbon Lifestyle; Create the Culture of Outdoor Intelligence and Entertainment
Exploration / Lifestyle
Adhering to the philosophy of low-carbon and environmental protection, we guide consumers to explore the charm of the 100% electric lifestyle.
Creation / Culture
We create intelligent and entertaining outdoor experiences as well as a product and service ecosystem beyond expectations for consumers.
explore the charm of the 100% electric lifestyle
We use intelligent technology to connect people, vehicle, and life, creating a worry-free and diversified lifestyle.
We offer diversified modification solutions, creating more free outdoor experiences with the spirit of exploring and breaking boundaries.
We advocate the use of clean energy and adhere to the philosophy of environmental protection and harmonious coexistence with nature. It is committed to leaving no trace to nature.
Radar New Energy Automobile (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., affiliated to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding), is a mid to high-end intelligent EV enterprise focusing on the outdoor ecosystem. Riddara is an international pickup truck brand owned by Radar Auto.

Geely Holding Group founded in 1986, is now managing several leading brands including Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, Zeekr, Volvo, and Lotus.

Leveraging the advantageous resources and industrial capabilities of Geely Holding, Riddara focuses on the pickup truck segment and seeks differentiated development and strength complementarity with other major Geely brands.

Riddara has been engaging in product design and R&D with a global vision, focusing on creating outdoor intelligent connected experiences that surpass expectations.