Radar Auto Customized High-quality Parts for Pre-sale, Creating a New Intelligent Outdoor Lifestyle
On March 17, 2023, the China (Hangzhou) Camping Life Expo officially kicked off. As China's first specialized exhibition focusing on outdoor camping, the event has set a new standard for outdoor sports, lifestyle, and camping. It has brought together numerous brands, further stimulating the dynamism of the outdoor market. At the expo, Radar Auto showcased an upgraded and expanded diverse living ecosystem in collaboration with Wild Land, a one-stop road trip equipment brand. They unveiled the two roof top tents for the RD6, which is now available for pre-sale. Furthermore, the interactive display featuring Geely's Hoco Flow Drone and the RD6 captured significant attention at the exhibition.
Geely's Intercool drone and RIDDARA RD6 have become the focus of the exhibition.
Two Roof Top Tent Modification Schemes Customized for Outdoor Living
Today, an increasing number of consumers are actively transitioning from online to offline experiences. Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are becoming increasingly popular among young people, with related demands extending to the realm of outdoor vehicles. Addressing the needs in outdoor vehicle customization, Radar Auto has collaborated with Wild Land to introduce two modification kits.
After the installation of the tent, the RD6 transforms into a camping vehicle, offering advantages such as "one door with three windows, ultra-lightweight, and easy installation." Leveraging the unique external power output feature of the RD6, it can provide electricity comparable to urban power supply for in-car appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, ice makers, coffee machines, electric blankets, kettles, projectors, and electric guitars. This addresses the electricity needs for outdoor leisure activities and work. As the high temperatures approach, powering the in-car refrigerator with the RD6 during a road trip ensures access to cool beverages and fresh food throughout the trip.
With Light Boats modified parts, the RIDDARA RD6 will transform into a roof tent light camping model.
In the traditional outdoor setting, pickup trucks have always been synonymous with cargo trucks. However, the RD6 is a complete game-changer. It seamlessly combines comfort and intelligent features, completely reshaping the image of pickup trucks in people's minds. With its powerful external power output, the RD6 has transformed the pickup truck into a symbol of diverse outdoor living. The versatile and electrified RD6 has unveiled a multitude of new possibilities for outdoor living, from witnessing the sunrise to stargazing, gathering around a fire for tea, engaging in fishing and surfing, test-flying drones, and enjoying daytime coffee and evening drinks. The idea of outdoor living has evolved into a multi-dimensional "Riddara-style electrified outdoor life".
The versatile and electrified RD6 shows us more possibilities for outdoor life.
Taking the Lead: Radar Auto and Hoco Flow Embark on a New Era of In-vehicle Smart Outdoor Connectivity
The RD6 showcases a unique blend of being exceptionally user-friendly and incredibly enjoyable, qualities that distinguish it from typical household vehicles. With electrification paving the way, the automotive industry is now setting its sights on intelligent technologies as the next pivotal breakthrough.
In the new energy pickup truck segment, the RD6 has taken the lead in staking its claim in the realm of smart outdoor connectivity. The recently unveiled RD6, featuring an in-vehicle drone from Hoco Flow, represents a groundbreaking application in this field. Backed by Geely's Hoco Flow, this partnership has elevated the standards for in-vehicle smart connectivity to new heights.
Unlike a simple combination of "vehicle + drone," the Radar Auto x Hoco Flow drone achieves a seamless integration of the human, vehicle, and drone ecosystem, heralding a new era of in-vehicle smart outdoor connectivity. By employing smart vehicle-drone fusion technology, it can stream real-time FPV footage to the vehicle's central display screen, offering an unparalleled cockpit-like experience. The rear compartment of the RD6 can be fitted with a flat cover, transforming into a compact "landing pad" where the drone can intelligently take off, land, and recharge. Additionally, the seamless pairing of the RD6 and Hoco Flow drone introduces innovative functions such as AI tracking, aerial filming assistance, and real-time image transmission, pushing the boundaries of in-vehicle IoT technology. This product is a factory modification and represents the first mass-produced vehicle in China to feature a drone.
The RD6's rear compartment can be transformed into a "landing pad" for the intelligent drone to take off, land, and recharge with the addition of a flat cover.
The remarkable advancements in intelligent IoT technology achieved by the RD6 are largely attributed to the M.A.P. Not only does it feature an exceptional new system of motor, battery and electric control tailored for outdoor use, providing outstanding performance in terms of battery life, acceleration, and power output, but it also leverages domain fusion technology to establish an ecosystem of intelligent outdoor connectivity based on a foundation of information and functional security. This enables the RD6, developed on this platform, to possess the fundamental capabilities required to build an outdoor IoT network. Beyond the pioneering collaboration with the Hoco Flow drone, future plans involve expanding connections to a diverse range of outdoor devices such as electric paddleboards, electric motorcycles, and smart outdoor appliances. This initiative aims to accelerate the implementation of Radar Auto's outdoor IoT ecosystem.
The RD6 is the first mass-produced model in China to be equipped with drones.
To enhance the outdoor lifestyle experiences for users, Radar Auto has recently teamed up with the China Economic Information Service to leverage the comprehensive economic information services offered by the organization. This collaboration aims to create an intelligent IoT platform and embark on a new phase of exploring the integration of "camping + vehicle" smart IoT platforms.
Furthermore, Radar Auto has recently partnered with the Chinese edition of National Geographic to release the documentary “Protecting Natural Wonders”. This collaboration aims to engage in meaningful dialogue with nature and provide users with the optimal solutions for the new outdoor economy from an ecological perspective, fostering a diverse outdoor lifestyle. Beyond just manufacturing vehicles, Radar Auto remains committed to its "traceless environmental protection concept," continuously exploring the realms of intelligent and low-carbon travel. The company focuses on promoting green travel, industrial advancement, and fostering harmony with natural ecosystems to deliver greater value to users.

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