Radar Auto Forges Innovative Path, Unlocking Upgrades for Outdoor Economy
On March 24, the 2023 Hainan International Cultural & Creative Week, themed "Resonance, Blazing", kicked off in Sanya, Hainan. During this event, Radar Auto embarked on a cross-industry creative round table dialogue, merging innovation to fuel industrial upgrades and explore new models for revitalizing the outdoor economy in collaboration with thousands of enterprises in hundreds of counties. As part of their contribution, Radar Auto presented vehicle usage rights to 36 exceptional rural businesses, injecting vitality into comprehensive rural revitalization efforts. Additionally, Radar Auto showcased their highly anticipated RD6 vehicle, roof top tent, drones, and other modified vehicles. Leveraging cutting-edge smart technology, they have revolutionized the traditional outdoor camping lifestyle, while also expanding the horizons of the "culture, tourism, and X" outdoor economic revitalization concept. Their endeavors serve as a significant driving force towards achieving rural revitalization goals.
During Hainan International Cultural and Creative Week, RIDDARA conducted a roundtable creative dialogue.
Revolutionizing Outdoor Economy, Introducing Fresh Marketing, and Supporting Rural Revitalization
In recent years, rural revitalization has been a top priority for national development in China. Radar Auto focuses on the outdoor economy and new lifestyle trends, is actively contributing to this effort through technological innovation. During the exhibition, Radar Auto generously granted vehicle rights to 36 exceptional cultural and creative enterprises. This initiative not only provides practical support for rural economic revitalization but also empowers comprehensive rural development. Moreover, Radar Auto is committed to exploring innovative industry integration and creating new marketing channel models to enhance user experiences.
At this exhibition, RIDDARA has granted vehicle usage rights to 36 outstanding cultural and creative enterprises during the Cultural and Creative Week.
During a cross-disciplinary discussion between Radar Auto and prominent figures in the cultural and creative industry, Radar Auto's CEO, Ling Shiquan, stated, "Breathing new life into rural areas requires a significant push from technological innovation. Radar Auto goes beyond just manufacturing vehicles by providing users with intelligent outdoor, energy, space, and lifestyle platforms. At the same time, the RD6, with its advanced new energy and smart features, can play a more extensive role and add value, whether in urban or rural, commercial or residential settings."
Mr. Shiquan Ling, CEO of RIDDARA New Energy Automobile, delivered a speech.
At the "New Supply and Marketing, New Consumption, New Chinese Fashion Trend" forum, Radar Auto's COO, Gu Min, highlighted the growing trend towards intelligence, noting that while traditional passenger vehicles cater to spatial mobility, the RD6 represents a mobile outdoor space with impressive adaptability for various modifications. It seamlessly meets the diverse demands of outdoor activities like camping and fishing, as well as emerging economic sectors, bringing fresh value to new supply and marketing, new consumption, and new Chinese fashion trends. This innovation further propels rural revitalization efforts.
RIDDARA X cultural and creative experts have cross-border talks on-site.
As the first high-performance 100% electric lifestyle pickup in China, the RD6 offers high load-bearing capacity, excellent off-road capability, and flexibility. It is gradually transitioning towards household and passenger use, as well as a more upscale market. With its versatility, the RD6 supports various outdoor business models, providing users with optimal solutions for the new outdoor economy, such as the coffee economy, outdoor live streaming economy, camping economy, surfing economy, and more. It has become an indispensable tool for improving livelihoods and fostering economic empowerment.
Using a range of modified models based on the RD6 as an example, there are exciting prospects for future creative collaborations with various rural boutique accommodation brands to create innovative cultural and tourism experiences. Furthermore, the potential exists to utilize these modified RD6 vehicles to establish rural revitalization and camping sites. This initiative aims to enhance existing rural agricultural and fishing industries while expanding into new business formats. By employing a "live streaming + offline mobility" economic model, an ecosystem can be developed. Collaboration with market entities could lead to the exploration of unique tourism ventures such as "camping + picnic", "camping + fishing", and "camping + bonfire party", connecting local cultural and scenic attractions to create comprehensive tourism complexes integrating sightseeing, leisure activities, boutique accommodations, and camping experiences. This strategic approach aims to cultivate a strong local cultural and tourism brand, providing vital support for diverse rural businesses, enhancing quality of life, and driving comprehensive rural revitalization efforts.
The RIDDARA RD6 solves the problem of electricity consumption for outdoor entertainment, leisure, daily life, and office work, allowing you to enjoy a relatively high-quality camping space alone.
As we all know, rural areas and urban centers are interdependent and coexist, forming the main spaces for human activities. Implementing a strategy for rural revitalization is an essential and inevitable choice to achieve shared prosperity for all citizens. However, it is important to recognize that rural revitalization cannot be achieved in isolation; it requires the integration of industries. Radar Auto has been actively exploring this concept and making valuable contributions. They are currently working on establishing a collaborative innovation platform, allowing every user to participate and contribute. This platform not only encourages discussions on the functional applications and modifications of vehicles but also facilitates communication and cooperation among the brand, vehicle owners, and fellow enthusiasts. Geely is actively seeking new paths for industry integration, aiming to develop diverse rural boutique tourism industries. Their goal is to create a platform that fosters innovative ideas and new business opportunities, promoting the exchange and transaction of ideas and values in the outdoor economy. By doing so, they aim to drive the integrated development of rural businesses, supporting the revitalization efforts in these areas.
Changing Traditional Camping: Radar Auto Innovates and Upgrades, Introducing a Fresh Outdoor Experience
In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards embracing the refined camping lifestyle and immersing oneself in nature. With the arrival of the era of diverse outdoor needs in the automotive industry, people's expectations for travel tools have evolved beyond singular product attributes to prioritize the overall experiential journey that the product offers. Radar Auto with its forward-looking vision, has taken the lead in exploring new paths in outdoor living and the outdoor economy. The RD6, featuring exceptional performance and cutting-edge smart technology, breaks free from traditional camping constraints and revolutionizes the camping experience. It achieves the ultimate pursuit of refined camping-effortlessly blending romance between humans and nature. The RD6 caters to a variety of applications and personalized needs in outdoor living, expanding the horizons of outdoor experiences and providing a new dimension to outdoor lifestyle scenes.
The 1200L+super rear bucket not only has superior loading capacity, but also has high scalability, which can be extended to various modified vehicle models.
RD6, as an extension of passenger car functionalities, transcends the traditional boundaries of pickup trucks limited to cargo hauling and off-road capabilities. It introduces the groundbreaking concept of a "6 kW on-the-go discharge + storage space" docking station, a first in the domestic market. With its powerful all-scenario external discharge capabilities, the RD6 effectively addresses the challenges of power supply for outdoor entertainment, leisure activities, and work-life, providing users with a premium camping experience. Imagine being able to witness breathtaking sunrises, stargaze under the night sky, indulge in fishing or surfing, test-fly drones, and host unforgettable outdoor gatherings with friends and family. The RD6 effortlessly ushers in a new era of electrified outdoor living, offering a unique blend of adventure and comfort. Furthermore, its spacious 1,200L+ truck bed not only boasts exceptional loading capacity but also allows for various customization options, catering to individual preferences and needs. With the RD6, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature while enjoying the utmost comfort and convenience, creating extraordinary memories as you embark on a remarkable journey of "taking your home camping."
The RIDDARA RD6 allows you to enjoy both natural charm and high-quality comfort, easily achieving the wonderful experience of "camping with your home".
With the arrival of the era of new energy, intelligence, and diverse outdoor demands, the automotive industry is undergoing a rapid technological revolution. Radar Auto, at the forefront of cutting-edge intelligent technology, has taken the initiative to revolutionize outdoor living solutions and create a new path for the new energy outdoor lifestyle. Say goodbye to traditional camping methods and manual tents; RD6 introduces the custom-made Starry Sky Residence modification kit, taking outdoor intelligent living to the next level. Thanks to the RD6's versatile all-scenario discharge functionality, the Starry Sky Residence can be fully assembled in just five minutes. The high roof and tent feature one-touch electric automatic lifting and closing mechanisms, offering enhanced integration and expandability along with convenience and elegance. Moreover, the RD6 is equipped with an onboard HOCO FLOW Drone, surpassing the current standards of vehicle-integrated intelligent connectivity. Unlike a simple combination of "vehicle + drone," the RD6 and HOCO FLOW Drone achieve an ecosystem fusion of people, vehicle, and drone, opening up a new era of intelligent vehicle-based outdoor connectivity with exceptional performance.
The RIDDARA RD6 is equipped with a mutual cool in car unmanned aerial vehicle, refreshing a new height of current in car intelligent IoT.
The new era calls for new actions and new missions require new undertakings. With the rural revitalization strategy being implemented more deeply, new energy vehicles are emerging as a key direction for the transformation and advancement of the global automotive industry and green development. They also play a crucial role in promoting rural revitalization, revolutionizing outdoor economic models, and achieving high-quality strategic development in China's automotive industry. Radar Auto, focusing on the ecological track of outdoor travel, has introduced its flagship model, the RD6, which boasts not only high expandability but also increased adaptability and flexibility. As we embark on the journey to support rural revitalization, Radar Auto is not only facilitating the enhancement of residents' travel options but is also serving as a significant force in advancing the construction of beautiful rural areas.

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