Riddara Sets Global Pace, Redefining China’s 100% Electric Pickup Truck Scene
Radar Auto Hosted Successful Export Ceremony for Its First Batch of Overseas Editions at Zibo Smart Factory on July 25
The event was attended by notable officials such as Wang Chunbao, Second-Level Research Fellow from the Consumption Promotion Office of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province; Sun Tianshu, Deputy Director of the same department; Tian Bingbing, Deputy Mayor of Zibo and Secretary of the Zichuan District Party Committee; Wang Lin, Party group member and Deputy Director of Zibo Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology; Zhou Meili, Fourth-level Research Fellow at the Zibo Municipal Finance Bureau, and Wang Jianbo, Party group member and Director of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of the Zibo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, also graced the event with their presence. Representatives from the Zibo City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Zibo Customs, and officials from the Zichuan District were in attendance as well. These included Zhang Jinping, Mao Feng, Feng Bingtao, Guo Yihua, Gao Jianjun, and Zhang Lidong—significant local figures and supporters of the economic development zone. Rounding out the participants, Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto, expressed their views on this celebratory occasion in a speech. Officials from Zichuan Economic Development Zone, key representatives from departments in Zichuan District, senior executives from Radar Auto, and members of the media were present at the event, jointly witnessing a milestone moment in the brand development of Radar Auto.
The export ceremony of Geely RIDDARA 's first batch of overseas vehicle models is successfully held at the Zibo Smart Factory.
Radar Auto's recent foray into the overseas market and the establishment of a global presence mark not only a new strategic pillar for the company but also represent a significant milestone in the transformation and advancement of Zibo's industrial sector. It further signifies the growing vitality of China's automotive industry on the global stage.
Geely RIDDARA has become a leader in the new energy automobile industry in central Shandong Province, building an advanced vehicle production system.
Radar Auto Advances State-of-the-Art Vehicle Manufacturing, Becoming the Forerunner in Zibo's New Energy Industry
This year marks a pivotal period of high-quality development for Zichuan District in Zibo City, with efforts concentrated on building a "431" modern industrial system. The district is striving to establish a significant new energy industrial chain cluster by the end of the year. As both the largest new energy vehicle production base of Geely Holding Group in the area north of the Yangtze River and the first new energy pickup truck factory in China, Zibo Smart Factory boasts a state-of-the-art and comprehensive new energy vehicle production system. With top-tier automation and process quality that sets the national benchmark, this factory stands at the forefront of Zichuan District's ambitious plan to forge a new urban area in central Shandong, exclusively dedicated to advancing the new energy automotive sector.
Geely RIDDARA has become a leader in the new energy automobile industry in central Shandong Province, building an advanced vehicle production system.
In his speech, Feng Bingtao, the District Mayor of Zichuan District, highlighted the crucial role of the Zibo Smart Factory in the region's progress. He stated, "The Zibo Smart Factory stands as a pivotal project in our city's commitment to robust "stock optimization" and "incremental expansion". Its significance to the high-quality development of Zichuan District cannot be overstated. The factory has established a range of developmental benchmarks through its leading-edge production technology and extensive operations. By setting an exemplary standard, the Zibo Smart Factory is poised to catalyze the emergence of an automotive industry cluster in Zichuan District, one with the potential to reach a billion-level scale.
Feng Bingtao, Mayor of Zichuan District, delivered a speech in the first batch export ceremony of Geely RIDDARA.
Mr. Feng Bingtao, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Zichuan District Committee
In a tone that echoes ancient wisdom, it's been said, "Just as beams bring stability to buildings, and ridges uphold the stature of mountains," a similar foundational strength is found within Zibo Smart Factory's state-of-the-art production capabilities. Emblematic of this is the roll-out of China's first indigenous 100% electric pickup truck, the RD6, which debuted last year. The RD6 stands out as a trailblazer with its robust electric powertrain, leveraging the M.A.P architecture of its super energy battery electric platform and smart IoT features, culminating in a significant elevation of product quality. It delivers a worry-free user experience while exemplifying the shift towards "100% electric power" and a "passenger-oriented design," challenging conventional perceptions of trucks. By doing so, the RD6 is redefining the Chinese pickup truck segment, setting the new standard as a front-runner in the industry.
Capitalizing on its forefront position in "new energy" and "intelligence", the RD6 has seen remarkable sales success, with over a thousand units sold in both May and June, boasting a market share that soared to 84.2%. This impressive performance firmly establishes the RD6 as the frontrunner in the segment of new energy pickup trucks. The vehicle's successful expansion into international markets serves not only to underscore the RD6's product excellence but also to demonstrate its burgeoning global appeal and acceptance.
Adhering to sustainable development, Geely RIDDARA expands overseas market with a lineup of new energy products.
Adhering to Sustainable Development, Radar Auto Expands Overseas Markets with Its Lineup of New Energy Vehicles
As the concept of "carbon neutrality" gains widespread acceptance across the globe, countries are actively transitioning to build a greener planet. Embracing this wave of change, Radar Auto is at the forefront of innovation, introducing an overseas version of its electric pickup truck, aligning with the demand for this green transition and collaborating with local partners to co-create an environmentally friendly ecosystem.
Mr. Shiquan Ling, CEO of RIDDARA New Energy Automobile, delivered a speech in the first batch export ceremony of Geely RIDDARA.
Mr. Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar New Energy Automobile
The global expansion efforts of Radar Auto extend well beyond mere vehicle exports; they represent an ecological migration. Looking ahead, Radar Auto is poised to partner with regional dealers and automotive groups, an initiative aimed at swiftly elevating its brand image and solidifying its market footprint in various localities. As the pace of global expansion quickens, Radar Auto is set to escalate the overseas distribution of its new energy product portfolio.
Furthermore, Radar Auto is set to construct a comprehensive service system and formulate corresponding support strategies tailored to the new energy sector abroad, thereby fulfilling the diverse requirements of users from various countries and regions. The aim is to cultivate a holistic ecosystem for new energy pickup trucks, ensuring that overseas consumers receive the same degree of accessibility and convenience as those within domestic territories. Local users can look forward to a seamless and enhanced driving experience with the new energy pickup trucks. Continuing to pioneer in this segment, Radar Auto will forge ahead, leading the charge for the Chinese new energy pickup truck sector's expansion into international markets.
The export ceremony of Geely RIDDARA 's first batch of overseas vehicle models is successfully held at the Zibo Smart Factory.
Ling Shiquan has expressed a resolute confidence in Radar Auto's pursuit of globalization, wherein the brand will vie with other new energy pickup truck competitors in the international arena. Committed to ceaselessly enhancing its quality, Radar Auto aims not only to excel in the global marketplace but also to amplify the presence of Zibo's manufacturing excellence as part of the broader narrative of Chinese automobiles making their mark on the world stage.
The swift progress of Radar Auto's "Going Global" initiative is poised to turn the overseas market into a formidable catalyst for the brand's sales momentum. Looking ahead, Radar Auto will maintain its dedication to the field of new energy vehicles, spearheading the ascendant trajectory of China's new energy pickup truck industry. Through this endeavor, Radar Auto is positioned to establish a new paradigm of value, setting a fresh benchmark on a global scale.

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