Radar Auto Champions Sustainability, Bringing Advanced Green Tech to the Hangzhou Asian Games
Hangzhou Asian Games Torch Relay Begins in Shaoxing, Sparking a Surge in Radar Auto's New Energy and Smart Tech Innovations
On September 11, the eagerly awaited torch relay for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou made its way to Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province. This represented the fourth leg of the torch relay for the Hangzhou Asian Games, featuring hundreds of torchbearers from different sectors. Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar New Energy Automobile, was among the participants, carrying the torch as a distinguished representative of the company.
Radar Auto, an intelligent EV enterprise under the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, embraces a diverse outdoor ecosystem through its 100% electric technology. This aligns seamlessly with the Asian Games' ethos of being "green, smart, economical and ethical". In this edition of the Asian Games, Radar Auto is set to provide the RD6 model as both the torch relay support vehicle and the official designated vehicle for outdoor sports events, actively supporting the games through tangible contributions.
During the Asian Games, RIDDARA New Energy Automobile will provide the RIDDARA RD6 as the official designated outdoor event vehicle for the torch relay and other outdoor events.
Radar Auto Steps Up with Smart Energy Tech for a Greener Asian Games
As the official automotive service partner for the Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is committed to providing transportation services and support for the games using a selection of high-quality products, thereby contributing Geely's strengths toward hosting the most successful Asian Games in history.
Radar, a mid to high-end intelligent EV brand within the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group portfolio, is utilizing its local corporate strengths to back the Asian Games with advanced new energy intelligent technology. On September 3, the 19th Asian Games' official vehicle handover ceremony was held in Hangzhou with the theme "Enjoy E-mobility @ the Asian Games with Geely". The RD6 model was chosen as the official vehicle for outdoor events at the Hangzhou Asian Games, offering extensive support services for competitions such as marathons and cycling races.
The RIDDARA RD6 will serve as an IoT technology vehicle for the torch relay of the Hangzhou Asian Games. 
From September 8 to September 20, the torch relay for the Asian Games is scheduled to traverse eleven cities, including Hangzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Lishui, Jinhua, and Quzhou. During the relay, RD6 will act as the dedicated IoT technology vehicle. Thanks to its exceptional external power supply feature, the RD6 will provide essential services like transporting and charging drones throughout the route, thereby ensuring the seamless execution of the torch relay events.
The RD6's ability to perform such a vital security role is a testament to its exceptional intelligent IoT technology capabilities. As a 100% electric pickup truck built on the M.A.P, it incorporates cloud computing to establish an innovative outdoor intelligent IoT ecosystem that prioritizes information security and functional safety. With the RD6, users can turn their vehicle into a mobile base station, overcoming spatial restrictions and enabling a seamless interconnected network of "space-sky-vehicle-thing". This connectivity allows for the creation of customized IoT scenarios tailored to various interests, such as cycling, fishing, and off-roading, camping. In doing so, users can indulge in a highly imaginative intelligent service experience.
The RIDDARA RD6 will serve as an IoT technology vehicle for the torch relay of the Hangzhou Asian Games. 
Additionally, Radar Auto has taken the initiative to assemble a group of its users into a cheering squad for the Asian Games torch relay, offering support throughout the event. These enthusiasts are largely creators deeply engaged in outdoor innovation and management. Embracing a spirit of co-creation, they've developed a strong affinity for the Radar Auto and have become integral to the corporate culture that celebrates "Bold exploration, diversified outdoor experiences". This group's participation in cheering for the Asian Games torch relay once again demonstrates the resonance between Riddara's brand philosophy and the spirit of the Asian Games.
Passing the "Eternal Flame": Radar Auto's New Energy Tech Ignites Global Change
The torch of the current Asian Games has been aptly christened "Eternal Flame", symbolizing the undying spirit of the games and the enduring tradition of passing the flame from one generation to the next. Now, with the world's gaze fixed on Hangzhou, Radar Auto has embraced the significance of this torch. It strides forward with the ambition to dismantle the old pickup truck ecosystem and to forge a fresh landscape for the Chinese pickup truck market, right from its base in Hangzhou.
In the context of the evolving economic ecosystem, the Chinese automotive industry has been experiencing a shift from rapid expansion to a stage characterized by fluctuation and readjustment. However, it is noteworthy that within this changing landscape, the pickup truck market, which entered the scene later than other segments, is exhibiting exceptional potential for growth. The advent of new scenarios and business models, such as those aligned with the "camping economy" and "agricultural aerial spraying", has infused the pickup truck sector with a fresh set of challenges and opportunities, hinting at a dynamic evolution within this particular niche.
The RIDDARA RD6 will show unprecedented development potential in "camping economy" and outdoor life.
So, what is the key to "breaking new ground" in the pickup truck industry? Radar Auto has found the answer with its unique strategic vision, which is full electrification. Ling Shiquan, the CEO of Radar Auto, is confident that electric technology represents the future trajectory of the pickup truck sector. As an intelligent EV enterprise with a focus on new energy pickup truck, Radar Auto is striving to swiftly capture the strategic advantages offered by electric technology. This foresight is intended to establish a solid groundwork for future market growth. Acknowledging the blend of emerging opportunities and challenges, Radar Auto has embarked on a development journey that is strategically visionary. It aims to lead with cutting-edge technology and carve out a new niche for new energy pickup trucks in China, thus diverging from traditional industry paradigms.
In this setting, Radar Auto dedicated three years and over a million kilometers to rigorous validation efforts, culminating in the creation of China's first indigenous 100% electric pickup truck platform, the M.A.P. This platform boasts five key technological features: 100% electric powertrain, electric vehicle-specific safety measures, a pioneering electric vehicle ecosystem, enhanced load-carrying capacity, and an IoT ecology. These features all come together to ensure peak driving performance. The RD6, built on the M.A.P, transcends its role as merely a mode of transportation. It also serves as an energy platform, intelligent platform, and IoT platform. In essence, it offers its users an entirely new way to experience the outdoors, revolutionizing the outdoor economy and presenting upscale business opportunities for pioneers in new market segments. Radar Auto, through this groundbreaking approach, has succeeded in unlocking significant value through advanced new energy and smart technologies.
The RIDDARA RD6 will show unprecedented development potential in "camping economy" and outdoor life.
At the recently concluded 2023 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development, Ling Shiquan pointed out in his speech with foresight that the current pickup truck market is experiencing shifts in pricing strategies, usage scenarios, and technological advancements. He underscored that the RD6, as the most in-demand 100% electric pickup in the domestic market, exemplifies these three key trends of change.
As Hangzhou steps into the era of the Asian Games and upholds its enduring spirit and ambition, Radar Auto, as a homegrown company, is set to collaborate with various societal sectors to ensure the successful facilitation of the Games. Looking forward, Radar Auto is committed to championing the "Green Asian Games, Guardianship of Nature" ethos of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Through technological innovation and in partnership with its user base, the company is keen to explore the allure of eco-friendly, low-carbon transportation methods. This exploration is expected to unlock further prospects for varied outdoor living experiences.

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