Starting a New Chapter in the Globalization, Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Receives Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto
On March 27, 2024, Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce of Thailand, received Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto, and Wang Daxue, CFO of Radar Auto, and their delegation in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Ling Shiquan reported to Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham about the basic situation of Radar Auto and its development plan in Thailand, and the leaders of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand participated in this reception.
During the exchange, Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham said that Radar Auto's new energy pickup trucks are very suitable for the Thai market and welcomed Radar Auto to take root in Thailand. In the future, they will actively assist Radar Auto in the construction and development in Thailand, and hope to set an example of Sino-Thai cooperation through this collaboration. In addition, Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham expressed high recognition for Radar Auto' products, stating that he hopes Radar Auto will not only export complete vehicles, but also introduce leading new energy, intelligent technology, and a completely new energy pickup truck ecosystem into Thailand. He looks forward to Radar Auto radiating other markets of right-hand-drive pickup trucks with Thailand as the center.
Ling Shiquan, Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai and Wang Daxue
Right one: Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto
Right two: Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce of Thailand
Left one: Wang Daxue, CFO of Radar Auto
As the largest automobile production and export country in Southeast Asia, the Thai government has been actively promoting the development of new energy electric vehicles in recent years to address energy security, environmental pollution, and climate change challenges, while also providing new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. At the same time, Thailand has a large young population with a high acceptance of new things and a strong willingness for eco-friendly travel. As a new energy brand focusing on the outdoor ecosystem under Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Radar Auto advocates the use of clean energy, adheres to the environmental protection concept of coexisting with nature, and is committed to returning nature to a traceless state, which aligns with the sustainable development concept promoted by Thailand.
In 2023, Radar Auto opened a new chapter in the new energy of the Chinese pickup truck market. In 2024, the four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck "Riddara Horizon" of Radar Auto will be launched, further enhancing and perfecting its product strength and matrix. While leading the domestic new energy pickup truck market, Radar Auto is gradually opening up an international path. As of now, the company has successively completed layouts in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America markets. With this trip to Thailand, Radar Auto will accelerate its entry into the Thai market and radiate to Southeast Asia and global markets with Thailand as the center.

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