Four-wheel Drive 100% Electric Super Pickup Truck Riddara Horizon Officially Launched, Redefining Outdoor Entertaining Life
On 23 April, 2024, the launch event of Riddara Horizon with the theme of "Super Pickup Truck, Achieve Infinity through Super Capability" was officially held in Beijing. The new vehicle is positioned as a four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck. The Riddara Horizon Air 460km model is priced at CNY 181,800, the Max 460km model is priced at CNY 209,800, and the Air 520km model is priced at CNY 221,800. The launch of Riddara Horizon brings a comprehensive upgrade of the "new electrified experience" to the outdoor fun-loving group. At the same time, the efficient 100% electric pickup truck Riddara RD6 released the 2024 models, with the Kechuang model priced at CNY 151,800 for the 415km model and CNY 199,800 for the 560km model. The renewal of the 2024 Riddara RD6 surpasses the traditional value limit of 100% electric pickup trucks, ushering in a new era in the pickup truck market of "lower cost and higher benefit of electricity than fuel".
Price of Riddara RD6 and Riddara Horizon
Faced with new users’ demands, Radar Auto breaks through the technical limits and slashes prices to the bottom line. The new product Riddara Horizon was launched with 10 super capabilities. It has achieved "super" advancements basing on traditional mechanical performance of pickup trucks, like intelligence, IoT, comfort, vehicle safety, electrical safety and other aspects. Especially with the world's first intelligent external discharge technology, it completely realizes the outdoor "Electric Age", allowing outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor groups of new economy to bid farewell to unsatisfactory play and hard work, setting a new benchmark for four-wheel drive in outdoor entertainment of pickup trucks.
Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto
Ling Shiquan, CEO of Radar Auto
At the press conference, Radar Auto also officially launched a brand-new service brand, providing users with five major benefits under "Radar Care", creating the only expert direct channel in the pickup truck industry, offering 24/7 butler-style service to comprehensively enhance the user's purchase and usage experience. Better services, better products, and bigger dreams are born. With a more competitive new product and service system, Radar Auto will accelerate its expansion into overseas markets, continuously expanding to markets in Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Thailand, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, and other countries and regions, and perfecting its global layout.
press conference of Radar Auto
"Water, Land, and Mountain" All-Terrain Model Freely Enjoys Outdoor Entertainment
The Riddara Horizon was born under the China's first outdoor ecological new energy architecture, the M.A.P (Multiplex Attached Platform). Unlike other platforms, the M.A.P integrates top-tier pickup truck technology and advanced new energy passenger vehicle technology, allowing every vehicle born on the platform to have mechanical performance that can comprehensively surpass traditional pickup truck platforms and electrical characteristics that can comprehensively surpass advanced new energy platforms. This platform is not only a product platform and a technology platform, but also a diversified outdoor ecological platform, which is the most important support point for Radar Auto to build outdoor ecology and the boundary between super and non-super.
the M.A.P (Multiplex Attached Platform)
Thanks to the M.A.P, the maximum rated load of the Riddara Horizon reaches 865kg, with a load capacity of over 38%, far exceeding the industry average of less than 20%, which can be said to be a revolutionary breakthrough. It also has a super strong towing capacity of 3,000kg. Super carrying and towing capacity, opening up more possibilities for outdoor travel. The Riddara Horizon can not only be equipped with full equipment, but also tow a large RV, allowing a family of four or even five to enjoy a comfortable self-driving tour.
super strong towing capacity of Riddara Horizon
Being able to be equipped with a large amount of equipment, but also go far. As a versatile model on water, land, and mountains, the Riddara Horizon has super water fording capabilities, with a maximum fording depth of 815mm, making it a land submarine and currently the strongest pickup truck in terms of water fording capabilities available in China. To achieve super water fording, the Riddara Horizon's high-voltage system has a waterproof rating of IP67, and the power battery pack has a waterproof rating of IP68. In addition, it is equipped with detailed features such as air conditioning shutdown and power protection when fording, providing protection for every millimeter underwater.
Riddara Horizon has a maximum fording depth of 815mm
At the same time, the Riddara Horizon is the only pickup truck in China with a super-intelligent U-turn capability, with a minimum turning radius of only 3.5m, the shortest in the same class in China. Paired with the industry-leading intelligent 100% electric four-wheel drive technology, it offers 7 driving modes: economy, comfort, sport, snow, mud, off-road and fording. It can intelligently identify the current road conditions and automatically switch driving modes quickly. Whether it's driving in the snow, in winter or off-road adventures, even a novice can enjoy driving pleasure like an experienced driver.
7 driving modes of Riddara Horizon
The World's First Full-Scene Discharge Function Opens the Outdoor "Electric Age"
The Riddara Horizon is the first Chinese pickup truck equipped with a high-performance dual-electric drive system, with a maximum power of 315kW, a maximum torque of 594N·m, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4.5 seconds, comparable to the Cybertruck and Rivian, on par with a 3.0T Porsche 911. This also makes the Riddara Horizon the first pickup truck in the industry that can compete with supercars in acceleration. In addition, the top speed of the Riddara Horizon can reach 190km/h, surpassing all other domestic pickup trucks in terms of acceleration and top speed, allowing pickup truck users to experience the driving pleasure of sports cars, and making high-speed overtaking and lane changing effortless.
high-performance dual-electric drive system of Riddara Horizon
As a super pickup truck, the Riddara Horizon not only has superb mechanical performance, but also reaches a super level in new energy, IoT and intelligent technology. The Riddara Horizon's 21kW full-scene discharge capacity is the No.1 in the world, equivalent to the discharge capacity of almost two Cybertrucks.
What does a 21kW external discharge mean? Typical household electricity consumption ranges from 3kW to 5kW, with a 200-square-meter flat household reaching 10kW, including appliances such as refrigerator, TV, computer and microwave. A 21kW discharge power means that a Riddara Horizon can provide outdoor camping for two families used to living in large apartments, allowing them to enjoy a lifestyle comparable to home, using all electrical appliances without the need to repeatedly plug and unplug them.
Riddara Horizon's 21kW full-scene discharge capacity is the No.1 in the world.
The external discharge of the Riddara Horizon not only has a large power output, but also has a complete range of discharge interfaces and specifications. There are external discharge interfaces in the truck bed, front trunk, interior and charging port, supporting discharge during driving, parking and locking. It can also discharge while charging, and can be remotely controlled. With a maximum discharge angle of 73 degrees, the 85% maximum discharge threshold is controllable and adjustable, meeting the needs of 220V household and 380V industrial electricity, enabling users to camp without interruption. Some high-power outdoor industrial equipment can also be used freely, and can even charge other new energy vehicles when necessary.
drivers of Riddara Horizon
Based on its excellent external discharge capability, the Riddara Horizon has built a more complete outdoor multi-ecosystem, providing not only a new experience of electrified camping, fishing and sports for users pursuing excellent quality, but also the best partner for a large number of Riddara owners to start new economic ventures. The Riddara Horizon not only upgrades this ecosystem once again, but also brings intelligent IoT refrigerators, professional outdoor flashlights and other super peripherals, allowing users to explore more possibilities in the outdoor multi-ecosystem.
Easily Connect to Over a Hundred Camping Devices to Provide More Possibilities for Outdoor Entertainment
Riddara Horizon is also a super base station with powerful IoT capabilities. It has the features such as the widest coverage, the most categories and the strongest connectivity.
Equipped with the Smart Link Magic Box, Riddara Horizon supports over a dozen communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite, enabling the construction of an interconnected network with Riddara Horizon at its core. Compared to home routers, the Smart Link Magic Box can support the access and control of up to 100 various camping devices within a range of 300 square meters, achieve real-time 4K HD video transmission with drones at distances of thousands of meters, and support high-altitude satellite communication over 36,000 kilometers.
In terms of intelligence, Riddara Horizon features L2+ level intelligent assisted driving capabilities comparable to mainstream new energy passenger vehicles, as well as a 540° transparent chassis, ADB matrix headlights, and other features that traditional fuel pickup trucks cannot provide. Its intelligent cockpit has a very fast voice response speed, less than 200ms, and supports wake-up-free, achieving visible, speakable and controllable interactions, as well as continuous conversations. Most importantly, the intelligent voice supports 22 drone controls, allowing users to issue commands such as route planning and data transmission to drones through voice commands. The integration of air and land equipment brings more possibilities for outdoor activities and work.
In terms of comfort, the Riddara Horizon also performs exceptionally well, such as a large five-seat space experience, that means with the same length, its front and rear legroom can be 90mm more than the traditional pickup truck; battery safety protection ensures safety by cutting off power in milliseconds in case of any overcurrent, overheating or leakage during charging and discharging processes. With a torsional stiffness of 30,300N·m/deg and a super tough STC high-polymer wear-resistant and anticorrosive truck bed, the Riddara Horizon is durable and equipped with "super armor". In short, Riddara Horizon is considered the top choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
Riddara RD6 24 Model Year has brought great surprises to users.
Furthermore, the Riddara RD6 24 Model Year has brought great surprises to users, with its load capacity increased from 450kg to 800kg, better meeting the needs of the Riddara owners. Both driving comfort and convenience have been upgraded, with the addition of a 50W wireless charging and 220V cabin outlet, achieving full vehicle electrical freedom, and equipped with cruise control. The rearview mirror also has an added defrosting function, greatly improving environmental adaptability. At the same time, the highly demanded truck bed lighting has also appeared on the Riddara RD6 24 Model Year. These upgrades make the Riddara RD6 24 Model Year the best partner for Riddara owners, making the entrepreneurial journey faster and more cost-effective.
The birth of the Riddara Horizon not only popularizes the latest electrification technology dividends for Chinese pickup truck users, brings more diversified expansibility and playability for outdoor activities, but also completely changes the traditional definition of pickup trucks, setting a new benchmark for the maximum outdoor entertainment of pickup trucks. In the future, Radar Auto will also promote the new energy of pickup trucks through better products and services, work together with industry peers to continuously explore the huge potential of the Chinese pickup truck market, seek benefits for users, and promote development for the industry.
(The model and configurations mentioned in the article are for the Chinese domestic version. For details on overseas models and configurations, please consult local dealers.)

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