Radar Auto Exclusively Sponsors 2024 Super Lure Tournament Kicking off in Beijing
On 27 April, 2024, the Super Lure Tournament officially kicked off at the Beijing Expo Park. This event was organized by the China Angling Association (CAA) and sponsored exclusively by Radar Auto, as the national-level lure fishing competition, and it was also the largest and highest-level lure fishing event in China. Su Baosheng, Secretary-General of CAA, Hao Weidong, Director of the Competition and Referee Committee of CAA, Xiao Xiao, Director of the Membership Development Committee of CAA, Guo Tiefu, CMO of Radar Auto, as well as over a hundred participating players, Riddara owners and media attended the opening ceremony.
the Super Lure Tournament officially kicked off at the Beijing Expo Park
In this event, Radar Auto also supported three participating teams, providing them with the four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck Riddara Horizon as the competition vehicle and assisting them in personalized modifications. Among the 8 participants from three teams, there were 2 Radar Auto users who represented Radar Auto together in the full race of the 2024 Super Lure Tournament. In addition, the camping-fishing modification plan based on the Riddara Horizon was also showcased on site, with fishing gear, camping equipment and living gear all in one place, making it the best companion for followers of lure, receiving unanimous praise from attendees, professional anglers and the media.
three participating teams
Join Hands with Lure to Lead the Culture of Outdoor Intelligence and Entertainment
As a new energy brand focusing on the outdoor ecosystem, Radar Auto takes "explore low-carbon lifestyle; create the culture of outdoor intelligence and entertainment" as its mission, pioneering the introduction of new energy, intellectualization, and IoT technology into the pickup truck field, bringing users a brand new outdoor experience. Different from traditional fishing methods, lure fishing distinguishes itself with its more environmentally friendly and ecological characteristics, going beyond the realm of "fishing for fish", making the sports spirit more pure. It can be seen that Radar Auto and lure have a highly compatible concept, which is also the original intention of the two sides to join hands in the pursuit of "bold exploration, diversified outdoor experiences".
Beijing Expo Park
At the opening ceremony, Su Baosheng, Secretary-General of CAA, stated that the 2024 Super Lure Tournament, as a new top-level competition in fishing sports, has attracted widespread attention and eager anticipation from lure enthusiasts since its announcement; many brands including Radar Auto have provided strong support for this event, believing that through the promotion of lure enthusiasts and brands like Radar Auto, the sport of lure in China will definitely develop healthily, and will also inspire great vitality and potential in lure sports.
Guo Tiefu, CMO of Radar Auto, pointed out that Radar Auto and lure are not only compatible in terms of concept, their products and lure are also a perfect match; the first domestic four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck Riddara Horizon, has excellent mechanical performance that surpasses traditional pickup trucks, as well as new energy characteristics and intelligent IoT attributes that traditional pickup trucks cannot match, bringing lure players a brand-new experience beyond the past, raising the limit of outdoor entertainment, and help them enjoy a colorful lure life; in the future, Radar Auto will continue to launch better products and more comprehensive solutions, allowing outdoor players in different fields to unleash their adventurous side with cool, effortless, and worry-free driving.
Radar Super Lure Tournament Fishing
The Beijing stop was the first stop of this tour, choosing the Expo Park as the venue for the competition, combining the entertainment of lure with the pursuit of nature and harmony, while also demonstrating Radar Auto's concept of "traceless in nature", becoming a successful example of creating the culture of outdoor intelligence and entertainment. Next, the Super Lure Tournament in China will continue to hold regional competitions in provinces and cities such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Sichuan and Hubei, becoming a business card for Radar Auto's diverse outdoor ecology.
Super Pickup Truck Riddara Horizon Creates Intelligent Solutions for Lure Fishing Scenes
On 23 April 2024, the four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck Riddara Horizon, was officially launched with 10 super capabilities. It has advanced in the traditional mechanical performance of pickup trucks and in intelligence, IoT, comfort, vehicle safety, electrical safety and other aspects. Especially with the world's first intelligent external discharge technology, it completely realizes the outdoor "Electric Age", allowing outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor groups of new economy to bid farewell to unsatisfactory play and hard work, setting a new benchmark for four-wheel drive in outdoor entertainment of pickup trucks.
the four-wheel drive 100% electric super pickup truck Riddara Horizon
Based on the Riddara Horizon, a camping-fishing modification plan was created, which received unanimous praise from many professional lure enthusiasts at the opening ceremony and was tested on-site during the event. As a pickup truck, the Riddara Horizon has strong loading and towing capabilities, with a maximum rated load of 865kg and a towing capacity of 3,000kg. It can not only accommodate a variety of lure equipment but also easily tow a lure boat. With the use of a large truck bed, the camping-fishing modification plan includes the installation of a versatile magic box, sliding tray and double-layer storage rack, allowing for easy storage of various large camping and lure equipment, including the favorite equipment of fishermen, oxygen tank, to ensure the freshness of the fishes.
The Riddara Horizon has strong loading and towing capabilities.
In terms of performance, the Riddara Horizon is equipped with a high-performance dual-motor system, with a maximum power of 315kW, maximum torque of 594N·m, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4.5 seconds, making it the first pickup truck model in the industry that can accelerate like a supercar. At the same time, the Riddara Horizon is a true all-terrain player on land, water and mountains, with a maximum fording depth of 815mm, making it easy to cross streams and shallow waters without worrying about the risk of water entering the vehicle. It is also the only pickup truck in China with a super-intelligent U-turn capability, with a minimum turning radius of only 3.5m. In addition, it has a 95% maximum climbing gradient, and 7 driving modes including economy, comfort, sport, snow, mud, off-road and fording, achieving all-terrain coverage. The Riddara Horizon allows lure players to completely break free from outdoor terrain restrictions and go to more wild places for fishing and leisure activities.
In addition to loading, towing and adapting to all-terrain road conditions, the Riddara Horizon's powerful intelligent IoT functions have completely changed the traditional way of lure. With the unique 21kW all-scene power supply function globally, the Riddara Horizon camping-fishing modification plan integrates intelligent lights, electric pop-up tents, drones and other ecological products perfectly with the vehicle, making it the first intelligent overnight lure model in the industry independently developed by Radar Auto.
The Riddara Horizon intelligent model integrates Radar's self-developed intelligent camping app, which can generate four atmospheres with one click according to different scenes: travel steward, free lure fishing, fun camping and outdoor overnight. It can also remotely control all related devices within the coverage of the IoT system through a mobile phone. Under the lure fishing mode, three functions are set up: night fishing mode, drone photography and intelligent security. Among them, the night fishing mode can turn on the lights, high-pole lights, floodlights, atmosphere lights, etc., to provide illumination with one click; drone photography can record the exciting moments of fishing at any time, and starting the following mode can also shoot beautiful scenery along the way; the 360° monitoring of intelligent security can alert changes around the pickup truck at any time, making outdoor play more secure.
full functions of the Riddara Horizon
The Riddara Horizon camping-fishing modification plan also adds electric pop-up tents and 270° manual side tents, greatly enhancing the funny experience of outdoor camping and fishing. At the same time, users can use the 70L front trunk to install the latest intelligent IoT refrigerator launched by Radar Auto, and enjoy a cool experience at all times. In addition, devices such as induction cooker, electric oven and coffee maker can be used anytime and anywhere. Besides fishing, users can also have an outdoor party with friends to fully enjoy the entertainment of camping and fishing in the wild.
fishing in the wild
The lure fishing mode is just a typical case of the “1+N+X” smart scene solution advocated by Radar Auto. The powerful pickup truck characteristics, adaptability to all-terrain road conditions and intelligent IoT features of Riddara Horizon have completely changed the traditional definition of pickup trucks, setting a new benchmark for outdoor entertainment with pickup trucks. Whether cycling, camping or playing water sports, Riddara Horizon can bring a comprehensive upgrade of "electrified" new experiences to the outdoor fun-loving group, helping them unleash their adventurous side with cool, effortless, and worry-free driving, fully enjoying the technological dividends of the outdoor "Electric Age".
(The model and configurations mentioned in the article are for the Chinese domestic version. For details on overseas models and configurations, please consult local dealers.)

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